Mandatory Signs

Mandatory signs and notices help prevent unnecessary accidents to staff and visitors to your premises.

  • All signs comply with BS5499-1, BS5499-5 and the Health and Safety Regulations 1996
  • All fire doors must have a sign explaining that they should be kept closed and fire escape doors must be kept clear on the inside and outside.
  • Fire notices are requires at all fire alarm call points and should give clear and precise instructions about what occupants should do in the event of an emergency.
  • Direction signs will ensure that employees and visitors are directed to the correct place on your premises.
  • Eye, hand, face, ear, foot and PPE signs  identify necessarry protection that should be worn to prevent injury and accidents.
  • Catering signs are designed to be used in kitchens or food preparation areas to prevent the risk of food contamination and instructions on procedures which help to prevent this.
  • All machinery on the premises must have signs warning of dangers and hazards and the subsequent action to be taken.
  • Under the Motor vehicles (Wearing seat belts) (Amendment) Regulations 2006 operators of vehicles with eight or more seats are required to warn passengers that seat belts must be warn.