Phototex Self adhesive Fabric


What is Phototex

Phototex™ is a print, peel & stick, multi-US, UK, EU, patented, adhesive material made of 100% polyester fabric. Its dependable adhesive can be removed and reused multiple times without any alteration or loss of Stickability™. Phototex does not shrink, curl, rip or wrinkle in any climate. Phototex can be installed for a day or a decade and upon removal, Phototex insures a 99% chance that its adhesive will not leave a sticky residue.

PHOTOTEX adhesive fabric is an easy solution for changing the look of your environment.

PHOTOTEX is easy to fit, can be removed and repositioned time after time, can be fitted for a day or as a permanent fixture for years and once removed it will not leave a sticky residue.

PHOTOTEX does not shrink, curl, rip or wrinkle. It's the perfect way to change your decor at home or in the work place.

The possibilities are endless from small posters to full wall coverings. PHOTOTEX can be used as a backdrop - Great for those of us working from home who want to have a business image for your zoom or team meetings.

In the home it can be used for such things as posters & pictures, wall gfraphics, murals, to create a tranquil area, new secnery or give illusion of more space.

At work, in the office, factory, theatre, gfallery, school and university it can be used for backdrops, displays, wall coverings, exhibition stands, posters etc etc.

Why not send for a free sample today and let your creative mind do the rest.